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 Police Codes

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PostSubject: Police Codes   Sun Aug 07, 2011 6:07 pm


ASAP - As Soon As Possible (just in case you don't know what it means).
PCMVA - Police Crusier Motor Vehicle Accident
MVA - Motor Vehicle Accident.
PDC - [...]
VCB - Visual Contact Broken.

10-4 Message received and understood
10-6 Responding from a distance
10-7 Out of service (detailled)
10-10 Negative
10-20 what's your Current location?
10-23 On Scene (a police officer who has just joined the pursuit).
10-25 Out of service
10-32 Wanted (means that it's not the first time you break the law).
10-33 Requesting assistance in emergency
10-34 Requesting sports cruiser
10-36 Police Cruiser Motor Vehicle Accident (PCMVA)
10-38 Request ambulance.
10-39 PIT Maneuver
10-41 Self PIT
10-42 Traffic accident
10-43 Traffic jam
10-44 Requesting Rhino
10-45 Ramming suspect
10-49 [...].
10-50 Hit and run
10-59 Herding
10-63 Offset
10-65 Urging suspect to a trap.
10-67 Spike strip
10-70 Inform city engineering
10-71 Requesting air support.
10-73 Roadblock
10-75 Rolling Roadblock
10-77 - Spikestrip roadblock.
10-83 Setting up quadrant
10-85 Requesting unit
10-87 - Vehicle pursuit (pretty self explanatory: used by a police officer who has just started chasing a suspect).
10-96 Traffic stop

Codes & Conditions

Code 1 No Sirens; no lights
Code 2 No Sirens; lights only
Code 3 Both Sirens and lights in use
Code 4 Suspect captured/Situation under control
Code 5 Requesting units
Code 6 Loosing suspect
Code 7 Heat condition increased
Code 8 Suspect found
Code 9 High-risk racer.

Condition 1 - Heat level one.
Condition 2 - Heat level two.
Condition 3 - Heat level three.
Condition 4 - Heat level four.
Condition 5 - Heat level five.

Or you can go here:

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Police Codes
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