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PostSubject: BEAT THE HEAT - PROGRAM HISTORY   Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:53 am

In 2011, The World United Police Department "Beat the Heat" Racing Team was created by Ofc. ERVMEDVAC and members of the World United Police Department. The Team is part of a nationwide "Cops & Kids" program called "Beat the Heat". The program uses race cars and show cars dressed up like police vehicles as a tool to help combat illegal street racing and drinking and driving. Beat the Heat is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization and uses ZERO TAX DOLLARS in this educational program.

To help EDUCATE the young people of our communities about the real problems of illegal drug and alcohol use.
To EDUCATE everyone to the horrors of alcohol or drug impaired driving.
To promote a better understanding between the Police and the communities they serve.
To EDUCATE the general public about DRAG RACING and encourage everyone not to race in the street.
The theme of our program is "RACING FOR EDUCATION". Three of our four goals state specifically a goal of some kind of education. Many of the problems of our society today stem from the fact that many people are lacking in education. We can only make an attempt with the adults to get them to use their heads and think before they do something. However, we CAN get the attention of the young people and they are very capable of learning. We try to encourage these young people to STAY IN SCHOOL AND OFF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL.

With our cars we are able to break down some of the barriers that naturally exist between youth and authority figures. There are many that we times when youth that would never before have considered walking up to and talking with a Police Officer will talk with us because of our "Cool Cars."

BEAT THE HEAT, INC. also offers alternative extra-curricular activity for those youngsters who may not be able to make the sports teams in high school. Handicap Drag Racing is a sport in which ANYONE who can drive can participate on a fair and equal basis with everyone else. Your only limitation is your own ability to learn the technique and DO IT!

This sport is also one in which WOMEN can participate and, indeed, excel in direct competition with men. There are many, many women who Drag Race and several of them have advanced even into the VERY elite group of persons who drive the ultimate machine, the Top Fuel Dragster, at 300 Miles Per Hour.

There are many good racers who are physically impaired and they are able to participate in this sport using their ability to drive and their competitive nature. They don't have to race in their own special class. They race and beat anyone who shows up in the other lane. Participation in the program is a good deal of FUN. We invite everyone to participate and enjoy the good fun and fellowship.
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