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 New unit and and my first bust!

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PostSubject: New unit and and my first bust!   Thu Jul 26, 2012 5:22 pm

At night i decided to add a new patrol unit, the New Camaro ZL1 is a good officers choice, but i wanted something entirely different, so this is it. the porsche boxter spyder was the obvious choice, it responds well, good acceleration, good handling and cmon, it looks great!!

And i was ready to get on the streets bust some racers!!

I was decided to get in a hot pursuit, and guess what? beware with what u wish for, the suspect drives a black Camaro ZL1, he stops where im at Suspect , and trows a little joke on my boxter, that it was the perfect car, for his little sister! and we went on! i challenge him in a little game, if i could get ahead of him for 10 seconds il bust him! like the carbon challenge, and we went on! i chased my suspect on the highway to fortuna we were pretty even, when we reached the city i know i had him.

Busted, at the end i let him go with just a warning, Surprised hahaha

I had a great time on this, i hope more members of WUPD could join the action!
If any fellow officer wants to add for backup Im Snake3352, il see you on the road!
( A sincere apology if this is not the place to make a topic like this).

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New unit and and my first bust!
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