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 post made by LONERENEGADE on the WU site. Something to look at.

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PostSubject: post made by LONERENEGADE on the WU site. Something to look at.   Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:03 am

"I thought this place had gone forever
by LONERENEGADE Today at 10:27 am

I am surprised this place is still online, I thought once the domain name expired the site would be gone forever, only just found out from ERVMEDVAC that it still exists, Thanks Erv

Anyways myself and Guitardeth created a new website of our own, just for PC Gamers, its called Xtreme PC Gaming and you can find it here - Xtreme PC Gaming

If anyone is interested, your more than welcome to come and register at Xtreme PC Gaming.

On another note, I have tried to find out about MadBiker, but without success, but hopefully I have found someone willing to pay his home a visit, and maybe we will find out exactly why MB dissapeared, I sure hope he is ok, and we have made a dedication to him on our new site which you can read - HERE!

Note to Boxout.

If your willing too perhaps you would post our Xtreme PC Gaming site link out to all the World United members via mass pm, and we will link World United on our site if you would do the same for us too, we would appreciate it.

Anyways glad to see this place is still around and hope MB will be back soon to take hold of the controls again soon.

Regards Paul aka LoneRenegade"

PS im the event co-ordinator on the site.


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post made by LONERENEGADE on the WU site. Something to look at.
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