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PostSubject: *sigh*    Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:10 pm

To tell you the truth, im starting to REALLY lose interest in World. :/

There is nothing really to do, racing is no point in itself as its full of cheats and hackers(well, every race I join anyways. ¬_¬") Treasure Hunt isn't really amusing any more. TE's, well just need more tracks as Im tired of grinding on them.

I can't get anything without boost and I need 1000(I got the other 1000 from the free code) more to get a Cop Silvia.... Which sucks. :/

Part drops suck, I get better in a MMO fighting game I play, where I got 3 RARE items in one go. Oh and at the weekends you get 10C (something like SB) for free in it too. :/ So you can see where im mostly at.

Other than that, it was my Birthday on Wednesday last week.... and my dad was awesome enough, he got someone to let me be a passenger in a Rally car for a day!

I also got Battlefield 3, but I have yet to go Online... stupid Live. -_- And Im thinking of making a Clan. o3o


"Shift 'er to drift 'er!" -Conor Carville
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