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 DJMADBIKER1960 was Banned from EA forums and NFS:W!

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PostSubject: DJMADBIKER1960 was Banned from EA forums and NFS:W!   Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:22 am

the following is a copy of mb's post on the WU site http://www.nfsworldunited.com/t1488-ask-a-legitimate-question-receive-a-ban#12563:

Ask A Legitimate Question & Receive A Ban
by MADBIKER1960 Today at 5:55 am


Last evening I posted a question to Marc DeVellis, the question:


I have a very serious question for you to answer.......and I want an honest answer.

You claim that you were a winning race car driver, and judging by your photos I guess your age to be in your late 20's.

So my question to you is this, if you were a race car driver where you could possibly win up to millions every year, why would you quit doing that and go into a cheap paying job like this for EA?

After a while it seems the thread took a serious turn south by former members of this forum who took it upon themselves to attack me and tell me it is none of my business to ask such a question.

CESSYFICATION wrote:First of all ... MB, is it really any of your business why someone decided to stop doing something? Does it affect you directly? No ... so a question like that doesn't even need to be answered. Not trying to really be rude, but come on ... really?
Secondly ... have you ever thought that maybe he's got personal reasons to not want to risk his life while racing?

Again, I don't mean to be rude, but questions like this really bug me.

Cessy I asked a legitimate question, one that has never been asked before.
As for it being his personal life, that aspect of his life went out the window the day he started to boast about his racing skills the day he associated it with his current job.

If it was so personal, he had no business posting and boasting about it in the first place.

I asked a legitimate question and I expected to get an answer, but I have already received my answer in the form of a ban from the forums and the game.

Will I appeal it NO.

I will use it to further my cause about the lies and deceit that goes on with this game.
Banning a person for asking a question about his life that he included into the community is just plain wrong, and childish.

They do not know how to tell the truth about anything, their Ask Marc videos prove what I am saying, watch them and list all the promises they have made since starting that series, out of all of them there are a handful that have been kept, the rest are just hot air passing over their vocal cords that hold no substance what so ever.

Which is really pathetic because if they kept half of the promises and statements they have made the game would be one awesome piece of software instead of the lag induced, hacked piece of crap that it is.

Seriously 10 months to synchronize a game to run properly?
And it still doesn`t work right?

If they were my employees they would of all been fired last November 16th when they screwed it up completely with the release of Version 5.

Sorry EA but you want war, you got it.

Ban me for asking a legitimate honest straight question.

You brought what is coming on to yourself.


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Posts : 191
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PostSubject: Re: DJMADBIKER1960 was Banned from EA forums and NFS:W!   Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:23 am

Re: Ask A Legitimate Question & Receive A Ban
by MADBIKER1960 Today at 5:57 am

And to further back up MY WORDS:

1. Ask Marc - Episode One (Feb 10 2010)
Ask us anything. Keep questions coming.

2. Ask Marc - Episode Two (Feb 16 2010)
[3:15] Controller Support: There will be support for wheels and controllers apart

from keyboard support.
He said the controls features are ready, but not necessarily implemented at launch.

"At launch there will be a certain amount of controls feature and slowly we will be

adding to that" "Controller support across the board. Not probably all at once, but

through time"

3. Ask Marc - Episode Three (Feb 23 2010)
[1:00] Car selections: based on what's hot in the car market and culture now and

based on opinions in the forums.
[2:28] Cities: will be unique on their own, have their original names and won't be

merged. Nevertheless, all easy to get to.
[4:05] Servers/Stability (launch): During beta and after launch data is going to be

gathered to stabilize the game's and server's performance. Extensive technical testing

to improve performance and fix bugs. Don't worry about the servers. They are being

looked after!
[5:10] Locked/Unlocked Areas: Lots of area opened up at launch. As development

progresses, more areas will be unlocked. There are gonna be drop every 3 to 6 months,

for multiple years! The game is gonna grow extensively, and become massive within 2, 3

years. Don't expect it all at once, but expect it to come nevertheless.

Guest: Art Director. Ask Marc - Guest Starring Eduardo Agostini (Mar 04 2010)
[0:25] Are NFS Cities Unique? Most NFS cities (Most Wanted, Carbon) are fictional

cities, but they did alot of research and looked at other cities for references. Need

for Speed World gets alot of inspiration from Chicago. (watch video for details)
[2:40] New Additions: Will additions always be more regions and cities? - No, many

other things; new cars, car upgrades, features, fixes, gamemodes, spectating, crew

support, controller support, ... and basically what's on the community's mind. Also,

besides old content from other NFS titles being implemented into Need for Speed World,

there's also brand new never implemented content being worked on. A bit of nostalgia

and a bit of new gameplay to explore.
[4:15] What's to Win? Will we only win game money? Or will there be parts to win,

etc? - As of now, no. You will win money and reputation points to level up. Leveling

up will allow you to buy new cars as well as the ability to customize and upgrade your

[4:50] Day & Night Cycle: Does it depend on the Timezone of the servers? - Hooking it

up to the real timezones will not be the case. Some people only play at night, so they

would then never see the light of day. It will however sync up for everyone on the

server. If there's a race at night, it will be night for all opponents. They haven't

decided on HOW to implement it yet, but up until now they like the idea of having a

player be shown the day and night 2, 3 times during their play session. It's a large

project to work on and finish to get it right, but you can expect it nevertheless.

(See Episode 6 - 4:40 min)

4. Ask Marc: Episode Four (Mar 16 2010)
[0:50] Canyons: They were very popular, and it's definitely being looked at! You can

most probably expect it in one of the bigger updates, though there is no conclusive

decision on that yet.
[1:40] Other Additions/Modes: The same goes for the most powerful sections of

previous NFS titles such as NFS:Underground and ProStreet, as well as new modes. It

takes a huge amount of effort to implement into Need for Speed World, but the mmo is

going to be expanded for years to come.
[3:00] Tuning compared to Underground2 which had practically everything: We want to

hit the comparison exactly. Easy to use, but with lots of dept. The designers already

have a HUGE tuning system in place, but it will be a matter of time before we see this

huge system be implemented into the game, because again, in the beginning the focus

will be on stabilizing the game and servers. The plan is to have it bigger and better

than previous titles.
PS: The neon lights are NOT coming back, due to the fact that it's part of a past car

culture of year 2000.
Also, the tuning system in place at launch will be constrained due to gathering of

data to improve game/server stability. Expect the bigger tuning system further down

the line.
[6:10] Making Need for Speed World Great: YOUR feedback is really going to define

what Need for Speed World is going to be. Send in your feedback (what would make you

come back to it every day) through the forums or site. Send it now, even years from

now. The most popular mode will be expanded. The less popular mode might be switched

off and replaced by another more exiting mode. There are many ideas/features in

backlog. It's a matter of time for them to be implemented into Need for Speed World.
[7:00] Events on the Map: Open map, select event, teleport or join it or ride up to a

event marker to join an event. Add friends who are sports when it comes to losing and

winning races. Talk to them, invite them to private matches.
[8:20] Vinyls: These are essentially and initially the things that are going to set

you apart from other players.

5. Ask Marc: Episode Five (Mar 24 2010)
[0:20] Separate Car Shops: Will there be car shops apart from your own safe-house to

buy parts from? Not at launch, but it's on the list and they'd love the implement a

way to offer endless amounts of parts. It's definitely considered to be implement

between now and the next year or so!
[1:30] Car Damage Modeling: It will be more in line with what we saw in NFSCarbon.

Some modes will be focused on durability, others more on strategy. (watch video for

[2:45] Story & Teams: It's more about socializing, gathering than it is about story.

Besides race modes, they are thinking about adding more social gamemodes and teammodes

instead of story cinematics.
[4:10] Race for Pink Slips: People are going to be frustrated to lose a car,

especially when they think the race was unfair. It's a nice idea, until you lose your

car. Players will have lots of time and money invested into their cars. Losing a car's

pink slip over a few races they lost is not something they want implemented into Need

for Speed World.
[5:35] Non-licenced cars: Will there be non-licenced cars? maybe (watch video for

[7:20] Race Without Power ups: Power-ups are there for your discretion. It's adds

challenge to the race. The initial intention of power-ups is to avoid having always

the same few people dominating the races. Mark didn't answer if there will be races

without power-up, only why there are power-ups.

6. Ask Marc - Episode Six (Mar 31 2010)
[0:00] Leveling: Only in the beta could you level quickly to get an impression on

what to expect when reaching new levels. Starting launch, it will be harder to reach a

next level after another, taking weeks or months until you reach the max level 50.

Obviously leveling up when starting the game will be quicker than nearing the last

[1:50] Type of Cars: Expect tuners, muscle'rs and exotics while each car has

different properties in terms of weight, max speed, acceleration and handling. They're

also trying to get a few super exotics into the game, later after launch. Usually the

NFS series have roughly around 60 cars in total. With Need for Speed World they will

definitely be looking to go into 100+ unique cars. Not at launch, but as time

progresses. Again, YOU can help determine which cars will be introduced into the game.

The more a certain type of car is suggested by the community the higher the

probability it will get into Need for Speed World. (watch video for details)
[4:40] Day & Night Cycle: Will be in the game but NOT at launch. They want to get the

day and night cycle right first. We won't see it until then! It will take a few

months, if not longer due to the scale of the task. Nevertheless, it will definitely

be in the game eventually and it will be look and feel awesome!
[6:25] Driving Camera Physics: The car follow camera positions and effects (camera

shakes, distances, close-ups) is basically the means trying to build and sell the

sense of speed best as possible. It is high on their to-do list to make sure it's

right for every race and car.
[8:00] Boss NPC Characters: Will there be tough characters to beat? - It basically

doesn't fit into the mmo Need for Speed World is. The boss characters will basically

be the top racers/players/buddies roaming Need for Speed World.
[9:19] Photo Mode Free Roam: Was definitely going to be in the game. We all know it

is and there will be more meeting places added too. Allowing players to line up and

show off, as requested by many submitted feedback forms, is definitely high on the

list. There is also lots of talk going on about how to share that type of experience.

7. Ask Marc - Episode 7 (Apr 13 2010)
[0:18] Drifting (gamemode) Physics: Will they be Underground2, Carbon like or totally

new? - Drifting isn't on a high priority list. If there'll be drifting supported, it

will probably be brand new physics, a blend of previous NFS titles combined with

feedback IF players give feedback on how drifting should be.
[1:11] General Ingame Drifting Physics: Is in the game already. Muscle cars are alot

more loose. Tuners and exotics will drift less. Every car will drift differently. The

lower a car's performance, the more it's going to drift. Drifting will also be

determined by front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive.
[2:03] Blinker Lights: It's not the type of game for that kind of stuff. There's

already alot of 'beautiful' chaos going on that there's no real need for such feature.
[2:52] Performance Tuning: Will 100% guaranteed be possible in the game. (See Ask

Marc - Episode Four - 3:00 min) Aside from upgrading your car, they're looking into

adding sliders to change several aspects of car components (tune cars to fit the way

you drive) such as areal, type of breaking system, suspension tuning, and much more!
[4:47] Opening car doors, hood, trunk: Will unlikely be supported since there are

many other features that need more development attention to make the overall gaming

experience better.
[5:42] Bookmarks/Waypoints: Bookmarks to teleport to a favorite locations is

definitely on the to-do list. Right now you can teleport to a friend or race, but the

ability to bookmark will most likely be implemented later on!
[6:40] Speedbraker: Speedbrakers, slowing down time, is only possible in singleplayer

races. You can't possibly slow down a whole multiplayer race (thus all opponents) at

the same time. Powers-ups and Driver Skills will essentially be the way to pass a

roadblock successfully and more easily.
[7:35] Nitrous = Better Grip/Handling? This has always been in the NFS titles. Using

nitrous gives you better grip and handling on top of the acceleration boost.

8. Ask Marc - Episode 8 (Apr 20 2010)
[0:00] Getting Out of Car: The NFS games have never been about that, but all about

in-car action. Maybe you'll see it in other NFS titels, but not Need for Speed World.
[0:47] Wheel & Force Feedback: One of the developers is currently going through any

type of wheel he can get his hands on to support in Need for Speed World. If you need

us to support a wheel/controller, let them know about the brand and modelname. (See

Ask Marc - Episode Two - 3:15 min)
[1:57] Canceling Wallriding Advantage: The difficulty, frustration and penalty aspect

of wallriding is definitely being looked at. Trying the best they can to prevent a

player to constantly ride walls and end up winning the race is definitely high on the

[2:50] Crew Battles: Most definitely on the dev team's radar! It's a pretty large

scale project to take on, but it can be (prob. will be) implemented and tested, and

expanded upon over time. Things that we might see is people forming a crew, creating

their own unique badge to put on their cars, their own club garage, etc. depending on

what suggestions the community sends in, but all gradually released over time, not all

at once. Nevertheless, it's high on the to-do list to enhance the social aspect of

Need for Speed World. Again, suggestions on that can be sent in.

9. Ask Marc - Episode 9 (Apr 27 2010)
[0:00] Reputation Sheets: Yes. There will be rep sheets with all sorts of statistics

related to races, pursuits, and other mods. It will also be expanded to leaderboards

since it's an MMO. In fact, they are working on prototypes to make the leaderboards

unique to Need for Speed World. Lots of social competition and showing that to the

world is key.
[1:00] When Will Other Areas Open? The beta showed little area to race and explore.

At launch there will be more to explore, and over time (months inbetween) more and

more old cool regions of past NFS titles will be opened and brand new areas will be

added to Need for Speed World as well. (See Ask Marc: Episode Four - Canyons)
[1:48] Upgrade All Car Ties Possible? Yes and no. All cars will be upgradable, except

for a couple that are the fastest cars in the game. Also, what you see now is nowhere

near what you'll see months from now. The game will be expanded in regards to upgrades

and tunning over time. During the beta it was not possible to upgrade. At lauch, each

car will have max 2 upgrade packages available. Over time, more upgrades will be

available for more cars. Eventually, all cars will have upgrades.
[3:18] Achievments/Medals: Yes, types of achievements will be implemented at some

point after launch. There will be milestones, showing you how many cops you got

disabled during 1 pursuit, etc. Whatever you achieve, you will be rewarded for.
[4:00] Joypad/Wheel Advantages over Keyboard Setup? No, all setups will be equally

balanced compared to eachother. Not one controller will have an overadvantage over any

other. You might feel more comfortable racing with a particular controller or wheel,

but technically none will have any advantage over another.
[5:10] Manual Mode: On the other hand, shifting gears manually over driving

with a automatic gearbox can be advantageous, as with manual shifting you can allow

the engine to go into higher RPM rates... In a nutshell, those that put effort into

shifting manually are rewarded for taking on that task; given they can shift like a

pro. Obviously, manual shifting will eventually be supported!

10. Ask Marc - Episode 10 (May 05 2010)
[0:22] Spectating: The dev team talked about it. They want it in the game. It's hard

to do, so it is something to expect lateron. When focusing on the project they want to

expand the spectating into something more active though, like co-pilot driving, where

you as a co-pilot activate powerups or help out in a similar way.
[1:32] SUV's & Pickup Trucks: Only if there's a high demand for it, then they'll

deliver upon it. Same goes for dumbtruck or logtruck missions. They'd love to

implement it if there's a demand for it in the future. At the moment, not many people

talked or asked for it, but maybe that'll change. There is a possibility that those

type of vehicles will be inplemented in a Team Pursuit mode or Be A Cop mode.
[3:25] Type of Cop Cars: They're definitely looking into expanding the type of cop

cars and traffic cars in the Need for Speed World. The types of copcars you'll see can

depend on which region of Need for Speed World you're driving in.
[5:00] Different Chat Rooms/Channels: There is Global Chat, Group Chat, Friends Chat,

Whisper/Private Chat and Event Chat. They're also going to look into fixing the

frustration that people have with the chat system. Lots of feedback has been given on

it, making improving the chat system pretty high on the to-do list.

11. Ask Marc - Episode 11 (May 17 2010)
[0:58] Private Races: Definitely possible, as we all know. Though, only supported

[1:33] How-To Perfect Cornering: Make sure you have as much momentum as possible

when going through a corner without hitting any walls.
[2:18] Differentiate Feels of Cars: Muscle cars are going to be slidier, easier to

drift, and will always have heavy horsepower. The exotics are going to be a bit more

balanced. Tuners are going to be very stiff. The way they handle is inspired by

Underground2, Carbon and community feedback, differentiated through the classes.
[3:25] How-To Innitiate Car Drift: The easiest way is to tap the brakes when

cornering to innitiate the drift, and immediatly hammer the throttle while

countersteering to keep the drift going.
[4:47] Sense of Speed: The aim is to simulate the same sense of speed in reality when

driving a real racecar; get your heart pumping, barely not be able to speak. If

there's any feedback on how to improve on that, let them know!

12. Ask Marc - Episode 12 (June 01 2010)
[1:47] Historic & Modern Porches: (Porche 997 GT2 RS, Porche 959, 1973 Porche RS) The

Porche 959 will be in the game. In past NFS we had the 911 Turbo's, the GT3. Porche

has a rich history, and they'd love to put more porches into the game. Every few

months, new cars will pop up, the car list will be expanded. If they can work out with

porche to put historic porches into the game, there's a possibility they'll be added.

If not, there will definitely be a 1 or 2 Porches in the upper tiers at least.
[3:10] Adding Regions: Are you planning to add old regions such as Bayview,

Underground2 or are you going to stick with Rockport? - It's definitely a hot topic!

The producers and designers are working on new splines (new road networks) as well as

looking if the Canyons can be implemented, and make them even more exciting to race

than they allready are AND how to make them accessible in freeroam. The community is

asking for it, so it is definitely being looked at!
[4:30] Innitiating a Police Chase: Will we always have to bump into a policecar to

innitiate a pursuit, or are to plans to change that? - Yes. It will change to when

you're in a policeman's the line of sight after you've done alot of Cost to the State

during freeroam. Definitely beeing looked at to implement. On top of that, you will

eventually be able to lower your Heat Level by changing your vinyls or paintjob. They

will get it in, but not straight away, all in stages.
[5:55] LAN possible? It's an online social game. It will not be possible to create a

private match locally, but it will be possible to do the exact same online.

13. Ask Marc - Episode 13 (June 08 2010)
[0:28] Music - Import Our Own? It's definitely something they'd love to do, but right

now it is not up there in the priority list; new gamemodes, cars, upgrades and other

stuff gets more priority now and starting launch. They want to put it in as soon as

possible, but it will probably be a while after launch, but hopefully not too long

after launch. At the moment, you will have to start up your own music player in the

background to listen to music. Nevertheless, they will look into it at some point.
[1.45] Will 'Ask Mark' episodes continue after launch? Great question! Sure, they'd

love to continue it. This is your insight direct communication system with the dev

team. Contact them through email, feedback form, forums, youtube msg. (see top of this

topic) This will continue as long as the questions keep coming in.
[2:48] Muscle Cars similar to Carbon, ProStreet? Muscle cars are the most challenging

cars and alot of fun to drive. They'll definitely be in Need for Speed World!
[3:27] Set Rules in Matches Will it be possible to set rules in private matches like

No Power-Ups, Number of Laps, etc.? - At the moment, no. In private matches you can

agree with friends not to use powerups. But in the future, they will most probably

implement the ability to set rules for matches before they start. Send it in.
[4:21] Cities/Regions Owned by Crews: There has been a huge designmeeting about it.

At the moment, it's not a feature that they have settled on yet; meaning they're in

brainstorm. For now, they want to make sure that crews can exist, challenge eachother,

ride together, ... prior to looking into owning and winning over territories. However,

they have a board with tons of ideas to implement. They'd love to see that board

expand and hear suggestions from the community that are technically possible to


14. Ask Marc - Episode 14 (July 05 2010)
[0:40] Enable/Disable Traffic: Again, because they receive feedback like this there's

a good probability Need for Speed World will be updated to include rules for matches

like this in a lobby. (See Episode 13 - 3:27 min) The same goes for disabling power-

ups, setting the number of laps, etc.
[1:47] Spectating: If we implement it, they want to implement it right. If it pops

up, the first thing will be simply allowing to spectate. The second version will be

expanded to allow co-pilot driving. (See Episode 10 for details - 0:22 min)
[2:23] Crews & Super Tournaments: Crews support will be in Need for Speed World, but

not at launch. There are other things that have a higher priority. Nevertheless, these

are suggestions that will be looked into with the entire team lateron!
[3:24] Pause Pursuits: Nope, when in a pursuit you're in trouble. Evade or get

busted. No pause button.

15. Ask Marc - Episode 15 (July 13 2010)
[0:18] More Need for Speed World Contests? Will there be more contests coming up like

the one we had during the last beta, where the winners were annouced on the blog? -

Yes. Definitely! You can expect more contest coming your way.
[0:34] Updates: How often will we see them? What will they contain? - Every few

months, depending on the size of the content. Every 2, 3 months. Inbetween you can see

smaller updates for car upgrades, ability to set rules in matches, maybe spectating,

chat features, bug/glitch fixes. These smaller updates you can see every 3, 4 weeks.

Expect the bigger updates every few months, depending on the development status of the

update in question. All in all, updates will be implemented quite frequently.
[1:08] Coop Pursuit Content: Great demand for it! Can't promise it at launch. It's in

the works. It's being played, tested and tuned right now. Can't say when it will be

released (1st, 2nd, 3rd DLC...), but it will definitely come! Will only be shipped

when it's done, fun, and all kinks are worked out of it. Major project, being

prototyped right now!
[2:10] Driver Profile Ingame: Will be customizable with avatar, and sorts. There

might even be a female character implemented. It's never been in NFS titles, so why

not get it in.

16. Ask Marc - Episode 16 (Aug 4 2010)
The Ask Mark videos are back on track! It's been a while since the last video due to

a busy schedule; launch, bugfixes, stabilizing the game, improving the servers,

support but they're giving us their best to stay in par with what the community

wants... some communication from the dev team.

Two patches were allready put out since launch. The release notes of all patches will

always be posted in the Service Status forums by Drew. (Update July 26th, Update July

28th) They're pretty busy, and are therefor not always posting as much as they want

to, but the forums are definitely being watched by the community managers NFSDrew and

NFSKirk, feedback is noted and shared with the developers.

Alot of the fixes put out are basically based on the user's feedback on the forums

and submition forms. They're also working on new content. The sprints, circuits and

pursuits are the core of the game, but that's just the beginning. The new modes, what

they're working on, that's what's gonna make World unique. Rest assured, the dev team,

everyone involved, is pushing and working hard, but new content should be stable,

quality content getting released the moment it's fun and no sooner. (I hope we can all

agree on that) That said, they build on new content but then, due to community

feedback, deprioritised certain content updates and prioritised other content. They

can't tell exactly what the update will be, but that it'll be here soon they could

confirm. (Also check out Podcast 41 if you want to get a clue on what's to come)

Get some races going, up you level (clue), untill upcoming update. Mark and Drew will

be back to answer more questions. Next episode they'll be tackling questions from

nfsunlimited.net fansite members. Stay tuned!

17.(1) Ask Mark Episode 17 (Part 1) (Aug 11 2010)
[1:00] Servers for Australia, Asia, ...? As the game and it's userbase grows, they'll

definitely looks into it. Many people from Australia and Asia have confirmed that they

have no problems with lag playing on the Europan or North American servers. There may

be coming additional servers for more regions on earth, but at this point not yet. It

will depend on the growth of the userbase in those regions.
[1:50] Payment Options: Will there be alternative payment options to buy a

starterpack? Unquestionably Yes. This is one of the Senior Producers main focus.

Expanding to ability to buy the game in other regions. It goes hand in hand with

previous question. So it will take some time.
[2:36] Manual Transmission Soon? It's a matter of priority. They're going to show new

features for the game shorty, and as of now they're really busy to get that out first.

Adding manual transmission to all the cars takes alot of work; alot of tuning of RPM

ranges with manual transmission on all cars. They'd love to work on it and add it, but

not before the new content is ready to be put out.
[3:30] Improving Customization System? They can only confirm we'll be seing more

customization options, obviously, but they can't go into any specifics just yet. A

standard racing game gets made and gets maybe a few patches to fix a few things. With

World they are able to reiterate certain aspects of the game entirely if necessary.

World is not set in stone, if something can be and needs to be improved, they'll work

on that.

17.(2) Ask Mark Episode 17 (Part 2) (Aug 13 2010)
[0:25] Vinyl Layer Limit: Will we be able to apply more than (currently) 31 vinyls

onto our cars? - Right now the limit is at 31 because they want to server to be

optimized enough to handle (many) cars with more than 31 vinyls. Once the server can

take the load, they will look into raising the vinyl layer limit.
[1:00] When More Cars? We will be seeing more cars on a frequent basis. We're not

going to see a large quantity of like 30 new cars released at the same time, but

rather a few cars every few weeks/months. There is a large list of new cars planned

(mostly tier 1 & 2 cars) to be put into the game, so expect a few new cars in multiple

future updates.
[1:54] 5 Garage Slots: Will we see more car slots? - It's something they are

evaluating. They want to give us a way to own more cars, but they haven't decided yet

how to let you store them. Wether it's with more car slots, or allow you to have a

garage space for all your cars, ... not decided yet. But, there will be the ability to

own more cars in the future.
[2:58] Porche 959: There was a contest where users could design a Porche 959 and send

in their work. There is a winner so the car will be put into the game, after the car

is tuned, within a couple of months.


Ask marc - 18
0:18 - Will there be level 51 and more contents?
They are focusing on night mode. After that, more events more gamemodes will come.

About Levels, not now.

1:20 - For new contents will we have to purchase speedboost?
You will purchase speedboost for powerups, rental, amps. Stuffs like gamemodes, areas

will be available to all. Its their promise.

2:15 - Will you give us redemption codes for speedboost?

2:29 - Add replay system?
Not on priority. Reading on forums, we want more multiplayer races, team escapes,

deeper customization, night cycle. Drew says we collected all the feedbacks and not

many players are asking for replay mode.

3:30 - When have wheels controllers support?
It will be available on a period basis. Few will be this month, some more will be next


4:13 - Game Moment camera mode, like in Most wanted?
They want to add this feature. Not so soon.

Ask marc - 19
0:30 - Marc talked about he tuning the Toyota Supra. He wants our feedback on it. Drew

posted a thread on forums about it. But you guys do remember what in the end happened.

1:14 - Drew got present from World-Garage.com. A nice T-Shirt.

1:33 - A freeroam camera taking photo anywhere?
On their list, will come.

2:19 - A new powerup, Call Cops in Races?
If it suits the gameplay, then will add it.

3:25 - Tollbooth races coming up?
Not priority now, but its on their list. Drew says we players wants drag & drift more,

and a coop game, which is the team escape mode coming up.

4:25 - Drag & drift, when coming?
Not this year. Look into next year. Marc wants to see drag first.

Ask marc - 20
0:20 - Talked about our feedback on Toyota Supra. He added weight in the car because

of twin turbo, but still made the car movable so it had a quicker steering response.

1:24 - Next will be Porsche 911 Turbo. He will be taking feedback on this from us. He

says its a Turbo car, more competitive with the BMW M3 GTR, Lamborghini Gallardo. Then

said its a AWD car, so its more balanced. He then asked to us if we want it to be

drifty or more balanced for better handling.

2:50 - More car feedback thread like Supra?

3:02 - Since Level Cap removed, will we have more contest?
They talked about Alienware, NFS Swags etc. Yes will come.

3:45 - Can we change vinyls to other cars?
Not Now. They do want to add it.

4:28 - Drew talked about SpeedAPI. A lot don't have access to make clubs. NFSunlimited

and World-Garage members had talked with him about how to add option forming clubs.

They were working on Unofficial tools.

5:06 - With the performance customization coming up, will the higher tier cars have

more performance?
He talked about we can tune the car the way we want.

6:05 - Will tier2 cars be competitive with tier3 cars?
Yes, he said its not gonna beat the t3 top car, more like t3 bottom cars.

6:30 - Licence music in the game?
Not in plan. Many using Winamp, itunes in background. Maybe in the future they will.

Ask Marc - 21
0:25 - He this time talked about the feedback taken on Porsche 911 Turbo. He made it

more balanced. He said we wanted to make it go after the BMW M3 GTR, so he'll try to

make it top T3 car.

1:00 - BMW M3 E92 is the next for our feedback.

1:33 - What Anti-cheats coming?
They are working on it constantly.

2:15 - Will the game have ingame chat admins?
They said they have already, they are working hard checking the chat 24/7.

3:18 - Marc mentions Wall-riding players using for top times. They will fix it up so

players drive clean.

3:40 - With new performance system coming, how about implementing a test drive mode?
He says they made it very simple, drag&drop. Regarding test drive, he said it goes

more toward simulation. So not gonna happen.

4:45 - Change the matchmaking system to old classic Lobby system?
They are always tuning the matchmaking system. Drew said a fair amount users asked

about the lobby system, but they wont be doing it. They are looking to get into races


5:42 - Will you post a feedback on new powerups?

5:53 - Marc says this is our game. They are always looking at our feedbacks. What we

want is their top priority. They are focusing on the top 10 most asked features.

6:20 - What type of controller Marc uses for testing?
He tests on Keyboard & X360 Gamepads. Their Q/A team tests on all type of controllers.

7:00 - Has any controller gives any benifit to any certain car?
Nope its the same for all type of controllers.

7:28 - Any quest missions or milestones?
No quest missions. Milestones will come.

8:20 - SUV's coming in game? & mention something "A2 ??" car..??
Funs cars may come. But later in the future.

Ask marc - 22
0:20 - Feedback on BMW M3 E92..... Well it seems like they were Very tired on this

that. They didn't managed to check the thread so will keep for another week, and then

they will check it.

1:10 - Will there be less traffic at night?
They will be same at night.

1:57 - Premade vinyls like in shift, like body vinyls?
Not now. Maybe in the future.

2:46 - In terms of the performance parts, how many performance slots will there be and

how much performance will it affect?
There will be 7 slots. It will affect on Topspeed, acceleration & handling.

4:06 - Knockout races?
Not now.

4:55 - Will there be dyno tuner with the new performance system?
Not bringing it cause its more like simulation race games.

5:50 - High level players are getting bored with pursuits, any new cop cars, levels,

helicopter, cross?
Cross not coming. They are looking for new cop cars, boss cars.


Ask Marc - Episode 23
0:31 Bonus Rep for driving clean - Not at this time, fixing wallriding is the reward.
1:44 Autohide cursor - Fix is in the works (it bugs Marc as well).
2:30 Crew name and crew vinyls - should be implimented in the future.
2:55 Race lobby system - They have no plans to implement this.
3:08 More visual customization - will be under MISC parts (including weight reduction

stuff), No to roofscoops, neon.
3:55 Drag and Drift game modes are coming fairly soon.
4:12 Tier 4 cars are currently being tuned and will be in game.
4:49 Players selling and/or exchanging powerups - No.
5:10 Auction house - Not anytime soon, but it has been discussed (low priority).

Ask Marc - Episode 24
0:22 Customized controller options (button mapping) - They are working on it, it's

not polished yet but will be available eventually.
1:05 Marc discusses how he tweaks the cars, yes he uses manufacturer data and tweaks

it from there. Then he says he got an ingame dyno tuner, which we refer as the slot

machine. Cause in reality, they just randomly choose these values. What shows in the

performance bar or ingame ratings, are not true.
4:50 Contest where winner can suggest a new track route in the works.
5:50 Explains how skill points work with all cars in your garage and suggest you have

multiple (specialized) drivers if needed. Plan your skill point usage in advance.
7:30 No re-spec of driver skill points anytime soon.

Ask Marc - Episode 25
0:35 Purchase cars with boost - yes this is coming.
1:40 Devs plan on adding new content for the life of the game.
2:40 With new performance customization system low tier cars can compete with higher

tier cars.
3:35 New languages and regionalization coming soon.
4:24 Canyon roads, new regions, and night cycle will be added to game eventually.
5:25 More muscle cars will be available.

Ask Marc - Episode 26
0:20 Option to turn off collisions in PvP mode may happen (but civilian cars will

always be 'solid') if community really wants it.
1:10 Dynamic pursuit breakers are not currently intended to be implimented in World.
1:48 More car slots are available by purchasing cars using boost.
2:35 Leaderboard will be reset in November due to physics changes in world.
3:44 Driver model customization will not happen, avatar customization will probably

happen in the future.

Ask Marc - Episode 27
0:50 New cars (the current rental only cars) will be available for in-game cash

eventually, they all have different timelines however...
1:30 Intro before race - they would like to impliment a short intro before a race to

show off the cars before a race.
2:40 More cars in World - they are coming. They have a schedule of cars being added

from now to the end of 2011.
3:30 New performance customization coming soon.
3:45 More meeting places are coming.
4:30 More vinyls (possibly including country flags) are coming.

Ask Marc - Episode 28
0:30 Porsche 911 Turbo (and more cars) will be available to own.
1:40 Distribute race activity instead of having 1 or 2 popular tracks.
2:13 Parts Rarity - devs don't want to tell you what and where rare parts are at.
2:50 Marc discusses his daily duties at work.
4:10 Weather cycle - they would like to add it, but it's not currently a priority.
4:47 AI improvements for pursuits - AI will always be tweaked and improved as the

game continues.

Ask Marc - Episode 29
0:35 Test drive a car before you purchase it - they are looking into it.
1:10 Track editor - currently they are thinking that a competition where the winner

gets to suggest a route is a better idea as there is a lot of techincal work to make a

2:02 Drew wants to run create a track competition in January.
2:10 Offroad or Rally mode - Cool, but it sounds like it's not a priority at all.
2:55 Game modes priority is: Team Escape, then Drift and Drag.
3:18 Tier 4 cars, what will they be? Marc isn't telling us yet.
4:00 Video recording implimented in-game may happen eventually. Drew suggests using a

free video recorder.
5:15 Reverse direction races on current tracks may happen in the future.
6:05 Who does Marc's hair? His girlfriend Petra.
6:34 More Shops and safehouses in world - great idea but not a priority. new

safehouses would come first.

Ask Marc - Episode 30 --- last ask marc of 2010
1:05 New and Different powerups are coming to World.
1:25 Team Escape will be here early in 2011.
1:40 New cooldown spots based on time of day - no.
2:18 Do body kits affect performance - no.
2:36 MISC Parts? Still under development.
3:08 Will you bring back special cars from old NFS games (Phantom, Titan, etc...) -

Definitely more classic & NFS limited edition cars coming!


Ask Marc - Episode 31

00:58 - New contents unlocked at lvl 50?
===> Not now, as lvl 50 players amount is still low.

2:20 - Go reverse direction in Team Escape?
===> Yes, specially if your buddy is in trouble.

3:04 - Full Visual Customization like Bodykit, spoilers etc?
===> Higher Priority, On the works & Will be available soon, right after Team Escape.

3:48 - Can players become cop?
===> 1st they want Team Escape to be release, then get feedback from us, then they may

start work on it. Thinking about Team Escape 2.0.

4:46 - Increase Vinyl layers on cars?
===> Not now.

5:20 - What drew and Marc drives in real life?
===> Drew drives Honda Accord. Marc got Corvette Z06, Lotus Esprit, Suzuki motorbike

(didn't understood the model)

Ask Marc - Episode 32 - TE special edition

00:30 - Is the Team Escape gonna be Open or Closed Area?
It is in a closed area, but there are multiple paths to choose.

00:59 - How many players?
From 2-4

01:07 - Is there any max distance limit among players?
No, but try to keep with the players to help them.

1:28 - How long the races?
6-8 minutes

1:49 - what are the rewards?
Same stuff, cash, reps, powerups, parts.

2:20 - Is it same in private matches?

2:35 - Is the time limit?
Yes. If you don't, your busted.

2:58 - How you get in Team Escape?
Same as other races.

3:14 - How I know my team is in trouble?
Stick close together, if you see in trouble use powerups.

3:50 - Any new powerups with Team Escapes?
Yes, Team escapes and Team Slingshots.

4:40 - What happens when someone gets busted?
It takes away 1 of teams strike, and respawn him to the nearest players.

5:43 - Will we have new cop cars, tactics?
Watch the Gamescom team escape video to see the intense of the cops.

7:10 - When is it gonna release?
Very soon, just doing some polishing.

Ask Marc - Episode 33
01:02 - Sponsoreds vinyls?
Yes, you will see sometime later.

01:40 - Will there be option to check pursuit stats?
Now you can see longest time, busted times, evade times etc. With Team escapes there

will be some more stats.

2:24 - Parts swaping or Auction house?
Not in priority.

3:16 - Will we have more visual customization?
Yes. Along he said Neons are coming back even thou he previously said no.

4:04 - Along with other cars, are we gonna see older & unseen cars?
Yes, he wants them.

4:53 - Helicopters in the world?
Yes it will come.

5:55 - Hydraulics?
The devs are just playing around with it. Its not coming to our game.

Ask Marc - Episode 34
00:15 - Will Autoscuplt system come?

00:44 - Would we see Autolog?
Not in priority list.

2:05 - Photomode like in Shift, Free Camera?
They are looking into it. High Priority.

3:50 - Lower cops difficulty?
Will wait till Team Escape.

5:15 - At What level Team Escape unlocks & total no. of events?
6 Events and minimum level is 3

Ask Marc - Episode 35
There wasn't much questions in this one. Just pointing out some words they said.
0:35 - Looking for cars based on our suggessions.
0:57 - They say they look at forums & suggessions. They just choose not to reply us to

get more stuffs.
1:25 - Server hitting the capacity limit.
1:56 - They are gonna add more contents in a long term based.
2:20 - Haven't released half of his cars list.
2:50 - More gamemodes are on the work.
3:20 - More visuals stuffs gonna come.
3:48 - WHITEFOXY mentioned for his great artworks.
4:24 - Junkman Parts?
They are still not sure with the Misc. They want our feedback for this.
5:00 - Private races in Ghost mode?
He talked about making a Ghost Powerup. Will add if you shout for it.
5:50 - Drew said he is playing world under different name to see how the game feels.
6:20 - Drew said he loves World so he not gonna leave this game.

Ask Marc - Episode 37
0:25 - Now that NFS WORLD has official page at facebook.com, all the Ask Marc Question

will now be posted there. Facebook.com/OfficialNeedForSpeedWorld
1:50 - will Wide bodykits come??
2:17 - team racing added like, team vs team?
They are making team escape more polisted before doing those. What he said to use same

vinlys as a team.
3:41 - taken photos auto upload to facebook?
Yes looking for ways to do.
4:40 - When Tier 4 cars?
They are still in prototype stage. No ETA.
5:50 - Add rearview mirror?
Its on work, still trying to make perfect.
7:20 - More servers / Region ?
Yes, they will, as the server hitting the cap with 14,000 players on a daily basis.

Ask Marc - Episode 38
1:20 - Marc says its not that all aftermarket parts are in Speedboost, you can still

have some in cash.

2:02 - When we see MISC parts?
Its still on design. They are not sure what to do with it.

3:10 - Treasure Hunt mode coming? is it true?
Its in prototype

3:45 - When you gonna increase parts drop rate?
He said they haven't changed it for a while. Then talks about gold packs for the best

parts. Then drew mentions not to give parts easily.

5:25 - Marc Mentions 5 Million players registered and about 14,000 players playing on

a daily basis, hitting the server cap. Also mentions about not to lose patience if

your question not answered.

6:25 - Drew says will mention some theme on facebook for the question of Ask Marc

Series, as this week players just hammered in with Rage, frustration questions. It

happened because of suddenly they just completely ignored the forums. So he ask to

players, "Please be... when you have your questions, be respectful, post logical

questions. If you don't have question to ask, don't post." I guess this would be

enough for you to understand what kind of questions they got. XD

Ask Marc - Episode 39 - RapidFire Round
0:45 - How long will it take to fix the nissan GT-R
Drive transmission is on the work, will be fixed shortly next weeks patches.

0:58 - Will you share whats priority now?
Treasure Hunt, more cars, optimizing servers.

1:31 - whats done with sync & lags?
More users are coming so server getting loaded. So they increase PCU cap and trying to

fix and optimize the server.

2:04 - When will SMS Speedboost be available on ____ ?
Next on coming on Mexico.

2:22 - More cops cars?
Yes. One in upcoming month.

2:36 - Level 50 end?

2:45 - Cars not in nfs like Jaguar?

3:15 - Details on Treasure hunt?
Daily search for 15 Gems and get rewarded cash & reps.

3:58 - When T4 cars?
Not so soon.

4:15 - Are you working on Canyon?
Yes 95%. They still need to add gamemodes there.

Ask Marc - Episode 40

0:30 - Any changes in existing cars performance?
Wont be tweaking or change any existing cars performance. If any bugs, then will fix

it. Nissan GT-R transmission will be fix.

1:00 - Proper Chat Fix?
There designing chat for different language,

1:40 - Bodykits affect performance?

2:00 - Any performance boost in the existing muscle cars?

2:24 - What about Limited Steering bug fix?
It limits the steering in any direction, will be fixed in few weeks.

3:15 - Improvement on Matchmaking system?
Yes, will continue to improve it.

3:37 - Do you listen to the community only from USA?

4:25 - Banning cheaters & Hacks?
Banning cheaters daily.

5:08 - Can we win parts from treasure hunt?

5:38 - Speedboost cars available for ingame cash?
Yes. within few weeks.

6:23 - Every weeks new cars will be speedboost, every month release a car for ingame


Ask Marc - Episode 41

0:32 - Implement racing off street?

1:10 - Drift coming?
Not on priority list.

1:44 - When Manual Transmission?
Not on priority list.

2:15 - When Drag race coming?
Not on priority. Maybe release alongside with Manual Transmission.

2:45 - Auction house?
Not in plan. Maybe later in Future.

3:20 - Seperate Bumper, Sidekits etc.

3:48 - More Tier 1?
Yes, look for in August.

4:00 - More aftermarket like neons for ingame cash?
Marc says we have good balance between IGC & speedboost for Aftermarket parts now. So

says he will look for them in the future.

4:26 - When porsche 959 will come?
Just got licencing process and got approved. Will coming very soon.

4:55 - when Supra gets fixed (Didn't understood properly what bug)?
Will be fixed like in 3 weeks.

Ask Marc - Episode 42
0:30 - When we see detailed graphics?
Not on priority in 6 months.

1:05 - Ford Mustang? When?
Maybe in the next 2-3 months.

1:24 - will you fix the weight of cop cars?
Maybe after anniversary.

2:10 - Where is the track from create a track contest?
When Azlan is back from The Run, will be done.

2:55 - Can you give a short teaser for our anniversary?
Contests, giveaways, cars.

3:43 - Having trucks in freeroam?
Not on priority.

4:39 - Weather system?
Not on plan. Maybe in the future

5:12 - Will the limited steering fixes the cars like Corvette Z06, NIssan GTR to be

close like Murcielago?
No. They want have all cars will have handle different.

5:56 - Will the NOS have equal power among all cars?
Yes, they will be done within few weeks. Then he does say that if the car has a lot

horsepower, it will have more nos power. Then gave an example like Corolla will not

have more Nos than Murcielago.

6:53 - Reduction on items prices of speedboost?


Ask Marc - Episode 43
0:32 - When will you add Italian and more languages?
A:Portuguese is 1st, few months away

1:14 - Can you turn off visual damage?
A:Esc -> Gameplay

1:36 - When will hackers be eliminated?
A:Banning 100+ users every week. Not telling about anti-cheat because this will give

them advantage.

2:48 - Speedboost via SMS for more countries?
A:6 Added Weeks ago. Ukraine, Romania, Switzerland, Mexico, India, Hungary. More

countries will be supported

3:18 - When Reverse gear on cars fix?
A:Coming on Anniversary patch. More Coming like Steering wheel fix, Supra from AWD to

RWD, Suspension Rolling Fix.

4:14 - Release cars faster cars than Murcielago in T3 or will wait for T4?
A:In T3 - No, new ones will be competitive cars.

4:58 - Fix cops, they don't fly when hit like in NFS Carbon
A:Devs are gathering feedback and will start fixing after a few weeks.

5:55 - Any Free 1000 Boost Code?
A:Anniversary is coming so check back

6:10 - Give us more info about anniversary patch
A:There will be new cars for cash and existing ones too, some visual customizations,

codes and the dev team will be racing with other players.

Ask Marc - One-Year Anniversary Special (Episode 44)
Q:Do you guys look through the cop/pursuit thread and picked up good suggestions?
A:Yes. They talked with the technical directors and will make changes after 3-4


Q:Are you gonna add letter vinyls?
A:Some players will spell bad stuff, so NO

Q:Will we ever see the Bugatti, Aston Martin or Reventon in-game?
A:1 of those coming next month.
Bonus: T4 cars coming in fall

Q:Adding the Valentines Day, Halloween, Winter Year vinyls for boost?
A:They are giving codes at competitions, when the time comes, they'll be available

for boost.

Q:How many cars will be out in the next 4 weeks?

Q:Trading system for parts?
A:NO, but they would like to. (not enough devs to work on it)

A:Next Tuesday - New Car, following Tuesday - 2 new cars and after that there'll be

new cars almost every week.

Q:Support More wheel controls?
A:No current plan for more controllers.

Q:Anti crash protection for servers?
A: They have 24/7 team working on the servers.
Starter pack users gets access during some server maintainance. They won't lock the

server to access only starter pack players. This is just their temporary fix.

8:38 - Will you add treasure hunt edition cars?
A:Yes. They're working on adding parts in improved treasure hunt mode.

Ask Marc - Episode 45
0:54 - Speedtrap race mode?
A: Not on priority list. Maybe around the release of T4 cars.

1:24 - Release The Run Special Edition Car?
A: Probably Yes

1:46 - Add Checkpoint race (tollbooth) ?
A: Around Canyons release. Canyons are almost ready, just need to add game play

around them.

2:10 - Rear View mirror?
A: Looking at it. But it's Not on priority list.

2:40 - SpeedBoost rewards in Lucky draw cards?
A: No (ofcourse not, they will lose money :p), but looking to put visual

customization and cars. (I don't think Cars should be won from lucky draw, will ruin

the game even more.)

3:08 - Make Corvette cop cars easier to handle (Fix Weight)?
A: They are working on cop fixes

3:35 - Will there be other place to take snapshot except stadium?
A: They are coming up with a new place soon. They're also working on Facebook and

Twitter upload tool. (We should also look forward to using the camera anywhere in the

open world.)

4:26 - More Team Escape races?
A: After shipping "The Run" they're gonna work on more events

4:58 - Reduce traffic in races?
A: Looking in ways to disable traffic when we want a clean race.

5:20 - See Ling on Ask Mark again?
A: Yes

Ask Marc - Episode 46
0:38 - What actions were taken against chat hackers?
A:Always working on it. The hacker gets banned but he keeps coming back.

1:32 - When is the Next Spot the DEVs?
A:Aiming to do at least one spot the DEV's a month.

2:40 - Will you add more simulation features like cockpit view, closed race circuits

A:World is an action type Race game. So it wont have those. Play Shift for Sim.

3:30 - New meeting places?
A:They aren't scheduled. Because they are working on free camera that can take shots

at any place.

4:02 - What is the next contest and when?
A: They are gonna brand all days like Fun Friday or Twit-it-Up Tuesday and have

contest on one of those day of that week basis.

4:43 - Why does the normal GTO come up with parts but the juggernaut without parts?
A:The TE editions are tuned for smashing cops. They have special physics. The normal

one is for racing, so it has parts.

5:33 - Implement Male/Female driver model?
A:Not Scheduled. Only special preset cars.

6:23 - Better parts available for Ingame CASH?
A:They have next level of parts coming, so Street Sport parts will be available for


6:55 - Will you continue "Let the World see your creation"?
A:Post on Facebook

7:46 - Any Reward for reaching level 50 players?
A:Since M3 GTR is now available for speedboost, they want to give a special car, not

for lvl 50, but for lvl 40+ a NFS Classic car available for Ingame cash.

Ask Marc - Episode 47
0:57 - Will more servers be added?
A:Yes. See them on the end of September 2011.

1:22 - Will the Audi A1 get body-kits?
A:No, maybe in the future.

2:01 - When are the other 3 trailers gonna be released?
A:Look for the Next month or So. They are still filming.

3:00 - Why is the Hood cam weird on the Murc?
A:They are fixing all cars with camera problems. See them within 3-4 weeks.

3:45 - Will we get Chat Translator?
A:No, but they are working on Language based channels depending on your OS language.

4:27 - Can we Reset skills in the future?
A:Not a huge priority. They said to make new driver.

5:10 - Any Achievement system?
A: They are looking for daily basis challanges. Probably in a few months.

5:55 - Will Nissan Skyline R33 come?
A: More Nissans coming. Mentioned about Skyline as well.

Ask Marc - Episode 48
0:40 - When is the Next FLASH and Spot the Devs?
A:Towards September 9. Also new car next week (lvl 40+ classic car)

1:18 - Why is there difference between the Web Deals and the Car Dealer?
A:The Web Deals have extra stuff (Insurance, amps, powerups, car slot)

1:50 - Volkwagen Golf or another VW
A: In the next 2 months there will be new VW

2:14 - How many new cars next month?
A:Coming 10 Total. 2 Classic. 2 Art Director. 5 Totally New. 1 Special Edition

2:58 - Block a racer and not get to race him again?
A:For now you can block communications. They are looking at it.

3:40 - Speedway (Speedtrap) type of track and when?
A:Speedtrap will come in the game. Around T4 cars, which will come at end of this

year. So you may probably see them next year.

4:32 - Any changes/updates coming to reward system?
A:Working on Treasure Hunt 2.0. New rewards there. Probably early fall.

5:05 - They always tweaks the part drop rate.

5:20 - Drew says, "We are not giving everything away free. In terms of... Let me

Rephrase that ....." LOL

5:38 - Will you add WG vinyl or license plate?
A: Sometime Around September-October

6:25 - When will the lvl 40+ nfs classic car come?
A: Check for the Next Week.

Ask Marc - Episode 49
7:46 - Next IGC car?
A:Hope you're happy with Darius R8, that is a powerful car. (LIE)!!

7:46 - Random draws on Limited Edition cars?
A:We'll be doing competitions every week

7:46 - Will you add flame spitting when switching gears?
A:The're working on new effects.

7:46 - Fix forums (hidden by moderators)?
A:There is reason for that

7:46 - Test Drive feature?
A:Working on shorter rentals.

7:46 - Speedbreaker?

7:46 - How often do you play NFSW?
A:Every week.

7:46 - Snowflake car again?
A:Haloween is coming. October fest too. They'll bring the Snowflake back.

7:46 - Next 25% more Boost?
A:Random Date. Check weekly

7:46 - Speedhunters stuff?
A:They added 2000GTR
Bonus: New cars every week the following month.
Bonus:Drew will not be in the next Ask Marc.


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PostSubject: Re: DJMADBIKER1960 was Banned from EA forums and NFS:W!   Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:55 am


Re: Ask A Legitimate Question & Receive A Ban
by MADBIKER1960 Yesterday at 5:33 pm

Quote :
Quote :
ABDmaster wrote:
I think it has become necessary to gradually spread the news to all the players about the whole situation of the game. They need to know what the **** is going on. They might not act immediately, but sooner they will understand the truth.

Thats true, but posting anything on the ea forums just gets removed nowadays, if they don't like it, its gone, proof that they don't give a hoot what anyone else thinks.

Tis true what you say there the both of you which is why I have decided to use the same platform that they use, You Tube.

And a few other services that are available to everyone that will really **** them off.

They have ****ed with me for the last time and now my gloves are off.

Re: Ask A Legitimate Question & Receive A Ban
by LONERENEGADE Today at 1:07 am

Maybe it's time to move this site into a different direction away from EA Games completely, I mean what is the point in promoting this piece of **** any longer, it is never going to get any better, and all they do is promote it to get new members to rip off.

I see there are 2 RSS feeds to upload, but to be quite honest I don't think it is worth even posting them anymore, perhaps it's time to delete them all together and show we no longer support that game any longer, post something else in it's place to show we no longer support that game and utilize the space for something else.


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PostSubject: Re: DJMADBIKER1960 was Banned from EA forums and NFS:W!   Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:14 am

EA is banning every person they see
every person

even boost buyers O_o

If they devs aren't going to fix the game
if they moderators aren't banning hackers
if they dont make the game stable

what's this game worth?
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PostSubject: Re: DJMADBIKER1960 was Banned from EA forums and NFS:W!   Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:16 am

911POLICE911 wrote:
EA is banning every person they see
every person

even boost buyers O_o

If they devs aren't going to fix the game
if they moderators aren't banning hackers
if they dont make the game stable

what's this game worth?

its worth the price you paid to download it: NOTHING!


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PostSubject: Re: DJMADBIKER1960 was Banned from EA forums and NFS:W!   Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:21 am

911POLICE911 wrote:
EA is banning every person they see
every person

even boost buyers O_o

If they devs aren't going to fix the game
if they moderators aren't banning hackers
if they dont make the game stable

what's this game worth?

its worth the price you paid to download it: NOTHING!

we're all like genie (how ever you're supposed to spell it) pigs!
They're testing us, and their technology on us!
Hot Pursuit is similar to world (the power ups)
The Run has the same HUD as HP
so it all comes to world again!
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PostSubject: Re: DJMADBIKER1960 was Banned from EA forums and NFS:W!   

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DJMADBIKER1960 was Banned from EA forums and NFS:W!
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