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 How-to get WeGame client to work with world.

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PostSubject: How-to get WeGame client to work with world.   Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:13 pm

i was tinkering around with wegame and remembered what i did for it to work with nfs:w, so i will now tell you.

Note: i'm not going to go through the install and all that (i will make 1 if requested by pm.)

ok, first you need to start wegame, preferably the c:/program files/ wegame/wegame.exe file (even though i have a shortcut, it will only work for me if i launch from the mentioned file folder).

then start your task manager and check under process to make sure the wgclientservice.exe is running, if its not, pm me for how to start it up.

once you made sure that wgclientservice.exe is running, you can start the game launcher for nfs:w. NOTE: DO NOT MINIMIZE WeGame! if you do, it won't work.

let the game launcher do its thing after you log in. when the play button becomes blue click play. remember, DO NOT MINIMIZE WeGame! if you do, it won't work.

when nfs:w starts, you should see a green square in the top left corner of the screen or window. if you see it, its working. if you don't see it, try again. it might take 2 or 5 times. if after the 5th time it still doesn't work, pm me and i'll give more specific instructions.

hope this helps.


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How-to get WeGame client to work with world.
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